Your personal superapp to optimise your financial health.

MyArk helps you build financial fitness and unlock opportunities, especially if you don't know where to start. Finally get the insights you need to make the most of your individual circumstances.

One complete, live view of everything

See all your income and outgoings by month and year, making it easy to stay on top of it all.

Optimise your costs

Optimise your home costs and finances, either as an individual or household.

Know where you are 'at' at all times

See reminders, renewals, and tariff changes so you don't get hit by the unexpected.

Unlocking opportunity

MyArk app home screen

Staying on top of your home and finances can feel impossible: cobbling together spreadsheets, bank accounts, bills, subscriptions, council tax, mortgages and more.

Using state of the art technology and encryption MyArk finally offers the solution by automatically and continuously pulling together your personal information that's currently all over the place, out of date and hard to find.

But it's also so much more!


MyArk is here to guide you step by step.

We understand that it can be scary taking those first steps. Sometimes where you are starting from is not where you want to be. We weren't taught to manage our home and finances at school, so we can't expect ourselves to always keep on top of it all. And that's OK.


Only you can see the data.

At MyArk we can't see your information, read it or share it. We use something called zero knowledge encryption which means all your info is encrypted on your phone, so we have literally zero knowledge of what's in there!


Putting the puzzle together for you.

But no giant leaps of effort needed here - it takes less than 3 minutes to get up and running and then you can stay on top of it all automatically.


Shining a light on opportunity.

Know the reasons behind your outgoings and circumstances and what you can do to change them. Identify new opportunities and be guided through your next steps.

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What our users are saying about MyArk

We've moved 6 times in 8 years so keeping track of my finances is a struggle. My husband and I are already able to upload and manage our home docs and share any information with each other simply. A godsend when he is out of the country.

Working mum

I can't believe this hasn't been done before. With all the technology available today there was no single place to pull all my most important information and income together. MyArk makes it quick to get it all in place. Now I can easily budget my costs each month.


I just added loads of my bills and paperwork that I had been wanting to sort for ages and it visualised all my spend in 5 mins. MyArk does all the hard work and its so simple - within 5 mins it was sorted. I will be telling everyone.

Military spouse

MyArk is a must to keep track of insurances, household bills and passports. There is just never enough time in the day to juggle it all, so things slip. My 3 children drive so managing the outgoings even for the vehicles help so much.

Mum and military spouse

MyArk can offer our families the potential to alleviate issues and bridge the gaps that are often experienced in military life. Whether its lack of understanding, spouses having difficulties accessing specific documentation while the SP is deployed, or general information regarding personal finances, and debt management.

Welfare officer

I feel like I am always one step behind the curve. Forgetting an MOT deadline or insurance renewal. My head is exploding. MyArk gives me a chance to see 'live' information and is continually updated behind the scenes! Now I always know what is coming up.

PhD student

Security is core to all we do

MyArk was founded with leading cyber experts using extensive, cutting edge security protocols.

Only you can see the data. All your data is held by you, on your phone. We can't see it and don't store or retain it so we can't ever sell it. This is because we use zero-knowledge encryption. If you back up the data - using OneDrive, Google Drive, or Solid - it is still encrypted, just 1Password and other password managers.

Only you choose what you do with your data and when.

You can share data such as your bills with your housemate, but can always stop sharing when you want to. If you want to share data with a provider to get better products and service, that's your choice - it's consent driven sharing.

Your data is yours and will always belong to you.

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